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Frequently Asked Questions


Are my tableware pieces food-safe?

Yes! All pieces use food-safe, hand-made glazes that prevent bacterial growth. Pieces created with exposed natural clay surfaces undergo a polishing process called ‘burnishing’ that polishes clay to seal external open pores, allowing them to be used without worry.

Are my tableware pieces microwave-safe?

Yes! We use only natural elements sourced from the ground itself. All pieces have been fired to temperatures over 2000ºF, so microwaves are'n’t a problem.

Are my tableware pieces Dishwasher-safe?

Yes! We water-test all of our pieces before they hit shelves — wash away!

What are the brown spots found on the surface of my pottery?

At Firstborn, we intentionally wedge our clay with additional iron for a richer, more natural look. Reduction firings tend to bring iron elements through the surface of the glazework. Focusing on the concept of natural elements, this treatment brings our contemporary pieces back into nature itself. All tableware pieces with this treatment are completely food-safe.

If I break a piece, can I replace it by purchasing something identical?

All pieces are made by hand — there may be some minor characteristics that appear to be different across all pieces, however we will create it as close as possible to your piece!

I want to interview or feature you in a publication — How do I reach you?

Feel free to visit the Press & Media form here.

Do you do custom or commission work?

Yes! Feel free to visit the Commissioned Work form here.

Do you do collaborate with other artists?

Firstborn is always open to collaboration. Feel free to visit our artist collaboration form here.