Firstborn Ceramics
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“I plan to make an impact on people through the storytelling found in my work. A part of me is found in everything I make, and I am proud to share my story with the world.”


Portrait by Hahn Bo (Sculpture Space NYC, 2018)

Why Firstborn?

James Rivas created Firstborn Ceramics to honor the three firstborn women who have positively impacted his life. These courageous women include his wife Megan, daughter Ava, and late sister Alyssa-Marie, who unfortunately passed away during his childhood.


Our Manifesto

Firstborn Ceramics creates a direct correlation to the traditional aesthetics of both ceramics and cultural technique. The elements of every piece intertwine with ancestral traditions through texture and natural elements. Our manifesto is to connect people with cultural influence — in addition, each vessel has been designed to connect people with nature itself. By re-exploring these factors, we can then appreciate the livelihood of others in its rawest form.


Our Mission

Through quality ceramic supplies and hand-crafted products, we plan on telling stories that impact the lives of others every single day. With every product purchased, Firstborn Ceramics will make a charitable donation to help provide a a clean, safe place to live to women and children in need.